SuperBam: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Let’s start with everyone’s favorite question: What’s your favorite food?

Trevor James: Durian! But if I only had one food to eat, I would choose a non-veg Thali every day because of the enormous variety of flavors and curries to choose from.

Trevor holding Durian!

Are there any foods that you hate?

Dumplings that aren’t stuffed plump or Mantou steamed buns with no filling. I’m also not a fan of salad or sugary soft drinks.

Do you remember what it was like the first time you tried Mantou steamed buns with no filling? Was it a traumatic experience?

Haha! I think they would just be much better with a meaty, juicy filling! It’s just like eating plain white bread!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?

Scrambled testicles, fried heart, live coconut worms, intestine soup, whole sheep head, and much more. The most interesting was the coconut worms; they were wriggling around in my mouth!

Did they taste like coconut?

They were in an intensely spicy fish sauce that burns your lips, so they almost had no flavor! Maybe a little earthy.

Speaking of spicy, what’s the hottest food you’ve ever eaten?

The smoked Mangut Lele catfish stew in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was practically a chili stew! You bite into it, and your lips instantly swell up and your tongue burns, but it’s so satisfying and slightly sweet at the same time!

Ouch! What did you do to get rid of the heat?

I had to breathe it off for the next couple of hours. Luckily we were filming a street food tour and I ate less spicy foods after that, which helped cool down a lot!

How are you able to travel every day without slowing down? Tell me your secret!

I think for me it’s almost an addiction! If I’m in one place longer than 2 weeks, I usually feel the urge to move around and go somewhere. We make a lot of last-minute decisions to travel places and to be able to do that is what gets me pumped and excited.

Do you ever get homesick?

I don’t usually get homesick, but I do miss my family when we’ve been traveling for a long time. If anything, when I visit home, I miss the foods in Asia because I love spicy food! But I do get tired, and I find that relaxing and taking time to make plans and exercise helps bring my energy back up.

What do you do to relax?

I love to go out and search for food! If we’re not filming it, then going out and trying new foods with just my phone to take photos is a wonderful way for me to relax and find inspiration.

What’s surprised you the most about traveling?

One of the things that blew me away was how friendly everyone was in Pakistan, to the point of us being unable to pay for most of our meals. Everyone wanted to invite us because we were a guest in their country. It was incredible!

What has this journey taught you?

That everyone around the world is similar, most people are peaceful, and that the world is not as scary as the media makes it out to be. That’s my mission now: to share how friendly the world is through food.

What’s your best travel hack? All of us aspiring world travelers are dying to know!

We used to be budget backpackers; we traveled in hostels and used Couchsurfing to meet locals. We sometimes stayed at their homes for free too! That was the best way to meet new people and save money.

You inspire so many people. Who inspires you?

Lately, I’ve been watching some awesome Steve Irwin clips. It inspires me to see him so passionate, involved, and in love with what he’s doing.

What advice can you give others who want to live their dreams like you?

Focus on your own path and try not to compare yourself to others. As long as you are staying true to your heart, loving what you do, and working hard towards your goals, step by step, you will be successful.

What keeps you going?

Positive energy. It’s been a part of my life for a long time. The best way forward is to keep negativity out of your life in all aspects. If you think positive, work positive, minimize negative thoughts, and keep moving forward, the sky is the limit. Positivity brings abundance to your life and is a feedback loop that makes your dreams and visions come to life and allows for unlimited growth.

Speaking of dreams and visions, what are yours?

I want to say that I’ve made a positive impact by showing people how amazing the world is and that it is a safe and friendly place. I want to inspire them to travel, dream, and not be afraid to go out!

Thanks so much, Trevor! Can you tell everyone why it was important for you to work with SuperBam?

It’s been great working with SuperBam! I find them very helpful with their connections and their knowledge about content and copyright.

What would you tell someone thinking about working with us?

SuperBam will help you understand content and copyright issues. They have a vast amount of knowledge that can help you grow!