On May 13–16, SuperBam participated in the 3rd annual Clamour Summit. Hosted in a private resort in Palm Springs, Clamour Summit is a three-day conference designed exclusively for creators to come together, share information, and engage with each other in a relaxed, intimate setting.

The SuperBam team brought the heat by creating an immersive arcade experience complete with all the classics including Pac-Man and Galaga, Rescue 911 and Super Mario Bros pinball machines, and an air hockey table. Everyone was clamoring to play!

From the moment we set up the games, kids and adults alike gravitated towards them.

The highlight of the conference for us was getting to connect meaningfully with our clients, friends, and creators, attending the talks and panels, and even hosting some of our own.

SuperBam Founder and CEO Rian Bosak giving a talk on “The Journey of Content.”

We had the pleasure of speaking with some of the guests who stopped by to get their highlights as well:

“Clamour this year was great! The highlight was seeing friends from prior years and making new ones. I found the workshops about creating compelling thumbnails and Tim Schmoyer’s talk [“The Human Elements That Grow Your YouTube Channel”] to be very helpful. And, of course, I really enjoyed teaching yoga.” — Lesley Fightmaster/Fightmaster Yoga

“This was my first Clamour Summit and it was a really fantastic experience. The conference itself was very chill and relaxed with a great combination of industry professionals/experts and creators. It was also great to see a lot of companies that support creators (like SuperBam!) in attendance. My favorite part was getting to catch up with a bunch of YouTube Audience development experts that I don’t get to see too often. “— Matt Gielen, Founder of Little Monster Media Co

“My favorite part of Clamour was connecting with new creators from a variety of genres and collectively sharing our experiences on YouTube. Relating to people who understand firsthand what it’s like to be a full-time content creator, sharing stories, doing collaborations, and making friends with people who just “get you” has been an absolute joy and an incredible learning experience.” — Lily Hevesh/Hevesh5 (pictured below)

Lily Hevesh filming a domino stacking video in the SuperBam lounge.

“I enjoyed seeing old friends. I loved seeing creators faces during many of the talks. It was like they were given the keys to the kingdom and new things to focus on with their business.” — Michael Buckley, Creator/Life Coach

“My two biggest educational takeaways were The Game Theorists’ “Exit Strategy” panel and Brian Johnson’s “Viral Triggers & Passive Profits.” Also, my engagement one-on-one with SuperBam staff helped me understand their mission and methodology on how rights management might work on more platforms. Discussions with Mobcrush staff helped me explore technology options within my budget and current capabilities. Chill time in the pool once the children left was essential to my sanity to decompress from the stimulation.” —Granny PottyMouth/IRL Peggy Glenn

“As a first-time sponsor at Clamour, I was blown away by the professionalism of the event. Everything ran smoothly and our team was treated with nothing but the utmost respect. Jonathan and Victoria put together an amazing event that truly celebrated creators. Late nights talking about YouTube and the history of content creation was a real treat for our team.” — Brian Foster, Sr. Director of Creators at Mobcrush (pictured below)

Brian Foster and Vince Cirino playing Galaga.

“Clamour was amazing as it allowed us to interact with our amazing partners in a chill, laid back environment. It was great to spend quality time with everyone and catch up!” — Chris Landa, SVP of Business Development at SuperBam

“Jonathan has built something special with Clamour — the ability to have a close, personal moment with fellow creators and brands. It’s those personal moments that truly helped define our industry. So I’m glad that an event like Clamour decided to nurture more of what this industry needs.” — Zack James, Founder & CEO of Animeme Studios

“I love the mixture of business and creativity that is so prevalent in Clamour. Talking with everyone was a blast!” — Zane Nixon/SuperHeroKids

“We met awesome content creators with a variety of unique product ideas. The relationships we built at the show will continue beyond the convention, not just with our new clients, but also with the industry professionals and friends that we made while attending.” — Michael Agosta, Founder of SquareShark

“Clamour Summit provides a good networking opportunity for professional creators. It fills a void that more fan-focused events do not.” — Tay Zonday

(From left to right) Rod Kim, Sam Proof, Brian Foster, Chris Landa, Harrison Wallace, David Rosenstein, Rian Bosak, Tay Zonday, and Vince Cirino in the SuperBam arcade lounge.

Thank you to the Clamour team and everyone who stopped by. We’re excited to participate in events like this that facilitate meaningful connections and propel the creator economy forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about SuperBam and how we can help you with rights management and optimization, you can find out more here.

If you’re interested in finding more about Clamour Summit or attending the conference, you can find out more here.

See you next year!

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