SuperBam Shield

  • Comprehensive digital rights management services utilizing YouTube’s Content ID system.
  • Custom claiming policies
  • Geoblocking
  • End to end management of the Content ID worfklow from reference file creation to daily claiming.
  • Utilize manual claiming and descriptive search techniques to find pirated content that Content ID misses.
  • Claim pirated content on YouTube from your TikToks, Instagram videos or Facebook videos

SuperBam Amplify

  • Our full-service video optimization offering
  • Improve SEO ranking through titling, descriptions and thumbnails
  • Improve monetization through applying more robust ad strategies

YouTube Channel Management

  • End to end content creation and channel management for partner-owned content
  • Generate extra revenue by turning a dormant content library into an O&O YouTube channel
    Ex: Battle Pass

CMS “Makeovers”

  • Improve efficiency and boost monetization for an entire CMS